Blurred Lines

I’ve been immersed in art and writing of late, one day hands covered in paint and even feathers, the next up to my eyes in Harvard references. Where I thought I’d have a summer of travel, instead, after a few brief dalliances, I settled in for a feast of creativity. Blurred lines have been a blessing and a curse: art and fashion, life and travel, writing and doing, even day and night.

It’s back to school, back to black and back to solid shoes…Dear Velvet

Now it’s the turn of the seasons and as usual it just seems so right. We spend the time after midsummer resisting and dreading the closing in of the light and then are startled to find ourselves craving a different kind of warmth, a closer kind of company and a sharper look, with edges and snap.

The Fashion Week season is upon us now and as I sprinkle Stockholm Fashion Week on these pages in the coming days, so we can peek at next Spring’s loveliness, it’ll soon be back to school, back to black and back to solid shoes. Maybe the part of Fall I like the least. My feet were made for running on grass and stepping in sand, weren’t yours?

But why do we have to choose? Blurred Lines, shadowy corners between style and art and film and games: these are the intersections we crave, the space we need to be our perfectly imperfect, creative selves.

Long live imperfection!


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