A Moveable Feast

This wonderful store I saw in Palma inspired me to eat under open skies, even though I’m still shivering. It’s the right time of year to start shaking out the cobwebs from that vintage hamper and washing the grass stains off your plaid blankets. It’s time for a moveable feast. It’s picnic time.

Soon parks and countryside beaches and backyards will be laid end to end with checkered cloths and paper plates. Take your sweetheart for strawberries and champagne on Primrose Hill, or hang with your friends on the beach with a guitar and a hamper.

Here are a few morsels to savour while you plan your summer. Have a great holiday!


  1. Valvona & Crolla Luxury prosecco & chocolates hamper
  2. Godiva Luxurious Chocolate Hamper
  3. Godiva Spring Chocolate Tower
  4. Picnic Plus Benton 2 Person Picnic Basket Vine Lining
  5. Picnic at Ascot Picnic Cooler with Wheels for Four, Floral
  6. Alite Meadow Picnic Mat – UO

Editorial Photograph Shot in Palma by Dear Velvet

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