Time to Get Cosy

So Winter is rolling round again. we've sped through Fall, or some of us were so busy reliving the Summer glory days, we barely noticed it. The seasons just blurred and once, more, it’s time for down coats and thick tights.. brrr.

how to keep your centre with this sudden local climate change? Speaking of which, concern over the prevailing political upheavals everywhere, and constant marching are enough to disturb anyone’s circadian rhythms.

i say, hole up for a long, cold campaign. there’s no need to stasrt trying to pronounce hygge again. Do it your style, with tea and crumpets, or some kind of nursery/comfort food. The aforementioned down coat won’t hurt either. I just bought mine, a monolithic garment from Arket, (my new favourite haunt), and it’s a revelation: like carrying my whole room around with me. Best purchase ever. If the hip Swedish arm of H&M is not available near you, check out Uniqlo and others to get your down on. this year, (I know this is sacrilege) I sort of went off coffee and hot milky drinks, forsaking them for fresh juices. my advice, grab your beverage of choice and a good book or Kindle and squirrel yourself away somewhere to resd and check out the stores oline. better yet, and much more sustainable, start thrifting: from your local charity shop, or your closet. Ashley of Bestdressed fame and The Sorry Girls, my YouTube guilty pleasures, are leadin the stampede to repurpose and rebrand yur duds into something fabuous. the so-called Thrift Flip. Just do it! cheap and fun way to restock your wardrobe and keep those chilly fingers moving.  I’vev been stalking these two channels for months now, especially the home renovations.

THe good news is, they’re fun and upbeat and easy to follow, you don’t always need a sewing machine and you end up with cute wearable items made from someone else’s junk.

I’ll just stop fangirling for a moment, while you check out Marie Kondo on Netflix and gather your flip/repair pile togeter., from your own closet. If you need more inspo, check out A Pair And A Spare, a great DIY blog by the talented, gorgeous and seductively named Geneva Vanderzeil. She talks home renovations and multiple weekend projects, to make anything from clothes to food.

Something i’ve earmarked for my next crafternoon (or every evening, let’s be honest, this one is BIG!), is a knitted throw from Wool and The Gang, inspired by  knitting yogini extraordinaire, ~~~Tara Stiles.  


SO, settle in for the cold snap and GET COSY…

Side note, the best thing about these videos is seeing women masterfully weilding power tools and still looking cute into the bargain. And why not?