A Day Of Pride

A Day Of Pride

My friend Selina was in Washington, DC, recently for a summer Pride celebration. The way she tells it, the exotic costumes, stylish attendees and potent messages gave it more than a touch of Mardi Gras. Luckily she got pictures!

Here’s her account…

Proud Marcher - A Day Of PrideEvery year since its conception in 1975, Capital Pride has drawn thousands of people from across the United States and World to Washington D.C and this year was no different. For the nation’s capital it is some of the few days a year the people of the LGBT community and their supporters can come together in unity and have a good time.

Each year the Pride Parade is special and what made this year’s festivity stand out was that for the first time a United Sates Military Color Guard was allowed to help lead the parade.

US Military Color Guard - A Day Of Pride

 (US Military Color Guard leading the parade)

Up until recently military members were forced to secretly represent their branch due to the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell which was repealed in 2011. These soldiers were only leading in the front. Later on in the parade each branch had members marching.

Military members weren’t the only ones taking part. There were police marching with their partners, and no matter who they were they all had a message to carry for trailing the mile long route. Even local businesses and politicians showed support and encouragement for places in the world where the LGBT community is suffering. Local LGBT communities from the DC, Maryland, and Virginia Metro areas joined those representing the different cultural from across the globe. A surprising yet beautiful factor was seeing the encouragement from so many different religious organisations and churches.

Activism aside what would a Pride parade be without the glitz, the glamor, and the fashion?

Colorful Float - A Day Of PrideThis float looked like it stepped right out of Carnival!

Freedom Wings - A Day Of Pride

Evoking a Victoria’s Secret vibe with the use of wings, this parade walker stomped the route with nothing but fierceness.

DC Chapter Of Difference Drummers - A Day Of Pride

DC Chapter of the Difference Drummers

To top it all off and providing the most heartwarming scene we saw a lovely couple who were married earlier that very day. This is a sign of the ongoing positive change that is sweeping the world.

Pride Flag - A Day Of Pride


Photography & Text by Selina