12 Reasons You #needflowers

You need flowers today because..

  1. Blue Monday was yesterday
  2. You want to feel happy(er)
  3. It’s cold outside
  4. Your desk is a mess.. maybe you’ll tidy it up
  5. Your database/email/mind is spitting out gobbledygook
  6. There’s a ghost in the machine
  7. They’ll bring out the sparkle in your eyes (or put one there)
  8. It’s still Mercury Retrograde.. sucks!
  9. Seriously, it’s nowhere near Valentine’s Day
  10. Noooo it’s almost Valentine’s Day!
  11. California Dreamin’ (Paris/Peru/Back Garden)
  12. Because FLOWERS!

Go Buy Them Yourself, Big Girl (Boy/Other)!DV

The best reason of all.. ‘Cause you can buy them Yourself.. From peanuts to caviar, there’s a flower budget to suit your (January) purse.. Or get your green fingers on… Go Do It!


(Flowers at Royal Academy at Ai Wei Wei final night)

Photograph: Dear Velvet

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