With intimates this pretty, who needs a Valentine?!DV

Gearing up for Valentine’s Day (surely it was just Christmas?) Free People have launched a new intimate collection called Self, Sister, Soulmates. The title puts it sweetly: love yourself first.. it’s the Best Romance. Your sister, of choice or birth and soulmates come next. This should put an end to the misplaced scratchy black lace panic-purchasing on V Day for ever.. we can only hope.

Leave it lying around and keep your fingers crossed. Or gift yourSELF! With intimates this pretty, who needs a Valentine? Choose yourself.

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Self, Sister, Soulmates.Free People

Intimate - Free People


Model: Julie Beekman
Photographer: Jess Roberts
Hair: Amy Farid
Makeup: Jennifer Nam


Intimates Collection

Giselle Wrap


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