Show Crazy

Now’s the time when the Fashion world goes into overdrive, from London to New York, Paris to Milan.. and Stockholm! Yes it’s time to revisit that beautiful city with it’s old world/new world design and overwhelmingly gorgeous denizens (yet those Scandinavians are too cool to overwhelm anyone.. they’d rather just stun you quietly and move on..) and survey the runway.

I’m so excited! It’s really tricky practising an icy half-smile with a childish grin on your face. Must take more selfies. I’m surrounded by clothes and shoes, doing The Edit and also academic papers to finish and also thought I’d just throw in making a game for the weekend, at the Global Gamejam, taking place where the geeks are, near you. Crazy, moi?

Make that Show Crazy!


Collage: Bangkok + Stockholm Fashion Weeks, because, Fashion.

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