Sweeping Statement

Tropical colours and bold sweeping statements cheer and excite us all, decor and fashion, as in nature, no matter how much we try to hide it.
There’s something about the bravery of colour, bouncing in the light and the promise of warmer climes, that can heat up the chilliest of hearts, gripped as we are in Nordic fever, with its fashionable chalky cool.
I can look at a hundred Pinterest pages of chalk white rooms and greige clothing and then see just one hot floral and flip out. Nearly all of us crave that holiday in the tropics..
Must be in the genes.


This beautiful breezily coloured decor, complete with magnificent swoosh of stair, is in The Wellcome Gallery, where we waited to catch one last glimpse of the Tibet’s Secret Temple exhibition on Sunday evening.
Totally worth it, especially since, when I last went, I was so entranced by the mystical scenes of Lamas circumnavigating the temple, I almost missed the superb artefacts, spanning centuries in Lhasa’s Potala Palace.
Gone now, sadly, but upcoming exhibition, States Of Mind: Tracing The Edges Of Consciousness, may well open a window into the dark recesses of the brain. Yes!