Early Light

If the sun is a too-brief encounter and winter pursues you like a jealous lover, you’re in the Northern hemisphere, post Valentine’s 24hr love-fest and pining for summer. Outside, the sun shines bravely, but your legs are pale and unloved in thick tights and your face is swaddled in that huge scarf. The thought of showing some skin horrifies you, as you start to see the annual bikini body posts on Instagram. It’s that time again. Take the plunge and prep for the sun or retreat inside your woolly cocoon of denial. Sure, you’ll get ready later, near June, when it’s almost too late.
I’ve been plagued by a nagging feeling lately that I should get up and out, step away from the keyboard (horror), but nothing really convinced me to put on running shoes and jive till stylist Luca Buzas sent me this visual guide to killing it in the sun. As always, she and her photographer partner, Olivier Hero Dressen know how to start us dreaming.

Luca’s guide to killing it in the sun…DV

Now all ideas of huddling indoors for the next two or three months, like a bear in winter are beginning to recede, we’re braving the stores again, dressed in last season’s A/W, even as next season’s winter offerings assail us on live stream. Fashion can be so confusing: “Wasn’t Spring shown a few months ago?”, my beau queries me, battling to untangle the mystery. It’s hard to answer anything sensible when even the fashionistas are in heels and bare legs in New York in Feb. If only we could hang out here, on one of my favourite beaches, right now, it would all make sense.
I’d get up at dawn and wear that red dress too.

Glowing in the early lightDV


All Guess Everything


Photographer : Olivier Hero Dressen
Styling + MUA : Luca Buzas
Art Direction + Retouch + Production : Studio Supreme
Model: Mackenzie Williams / Q Models
Location : Los Angeles
Clothes: Guess
Editorial: Dear Velvet

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