Hollywood Shine

Will you stay up all night, watching a live-stream., or will you be lounging round the pool in The Hollywood Hills? To be in Hollywood at any time of year, surrounded by endless blue sky and palm trees all day, seems unreal to those of us in northern climes. To enter the city of Angels, paved with stars at Oscar time is a surreal lesson in the power of pizazz and paparazzi. Throw a look over one shoulder, stick your hip out and pout, dazzle in lame while the world looks on through drizzle. Grab some glad rags worthy of any Oscar winner and party.. It’s all about the shine.

From gold makeup to sparkling nails, why stand in the shadows when you can glitter in the sunlight? Follow the lead of the inimitable Luca & Olivier and their team as they strike yet again, travelling the world soaking up glam. Get a shine on and throw some shade on Spring 2016… Hollywood style!

Throw some shade on Spring 2016.DV

Hollywood OOTD:

All Guess Everything


Photographer : Olivier Hero Dressen
Styling + MUA : Luca Buzas
Art Direction + Retouch + Production : Studio Supreme
Model: Mackenzie Williams / Q Models
Location : Los Angeles
Clothes: Guess
Editorial: Dear Velvet

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