The Warrior

Choose Your Side…

She’s The Warrior, as handy with a sword as she is with a paintbrush. The Warrior is a potent archetype for women. Like Artemis, the Goddess Diana, she’s beautiful, brave and strong. Creativity spins from her fingers, but she can throw a mean kick and perform stunts in the blink of an eye… Tricky.
She stands so tall and fearless, who could resist her? Not The Drifter, that’s for sure..
We all need a pair of those boots… and some attitude.

(Hover over blue card and flip it) —->

Talyn Edelson

Creative and bubbly or cool with nerves of steel? Which will you meet? This warrior is a paradox, a puzzle you may never solve.
Striding through the desert in a killer outfit, ready for action, a large dog by her side.

The Badlands

No place for a woman.. or is it?


The Drifter and The Warrior….The Story Continues…

Part 1: In Badlands
Part 2:The Warrior
Part 3: The Seer
Part 4: Desert Journey

Model/Actor: Talyn Edelson
Photography/Creative Direction: Dear Velvet
Location: Nr. Four Aces Motel, Palmdale, Desert, California

Read Pt 1: In Badlands

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