I’m Dreaming Of A Romantic Christmas

I’m Dreaming Of A Romantic Christmas..(And New Year!)

The Holidays, whatever form they take for you, whatever your particular feast of choice, always have the potential for magic, perhaps even Magick, if Yule is the rule in your neighbourhood. Everywhere I’ve been at this time of year, the locals give a wink, a nod, or even a high-five to the Christmas celebration. At the very least, it’s a fun time of year, and the pleasure of giving presents often outdoes the joy of receiving…(hand knit reindeer sweaters, for example.. actually, what am I saying? I’d love one!)

In Bangkok, I’ve seen huge neon snowflakes, bigger than your face, in sweltering heat, and in Cambodia, more Christmas lights than Times Square. As long as you don’t go totally crazy with your material pursuits now, (almost missing the point) it’s a lovely way to round off the year and say goodbye to all that, before the next round of life begins.

It’s time to snuggle up by your tiny tinsel tree with That Person…DV

Speaking of magic and life cycles, ancient tradition has it that the land is now dormant, waiting to be given the kiss of life and bloom again with new growth. Kind of romantic, no? Maybe that’s what all that mistletoe is about. Whatever the truth, there’s more to this celebrating with loved ones thing than hanging out with your gran. It’s time to snuggle up by your tiny tinsel tree with That Person and a ready-made nut roast, or bask in the Bahama sun with the internet millionaire of your dreams.. you decide.

Or bask in the Bahama sun with the internet millionaire of your dreams.. You decide.DV

For most of us, the road to love is a culinary one, whether that means designer sushi, cordon bleu cooking from the hands of your suitor, or grabbing a lunchtime bite from the hip new food truck. We’ve already stumbled upon my excruciating lack of cooking expertise: fruit crumble, yes, dinner, no, so I think for my xmas XXX I’m sticking to the safer chocolates and beverage option. Throw in some candles and a piece of jewellery that doubles as sartorial mistletoe (“Kiss” earrings? Genius..) and I’ll be all set for a romantic sojourn in front of that roaring log fire, snow falling outside.. Oops, one chick flick too many, I think.

Oh well, I did say I was dreaming..

Here’s a few goodies for you and your boo.. Enjoy ?


If This Be The Food Of Love – Main Picture, From Left to Right: