Shop LA: Melrose Trading Post

Trawling flea markets in LA is a regular weekend treat for locals and Melrose Trading Post is one of the best. Clothes, decor, jewellery, art: it’s a world of lucky finds!

One of the joys of travelling is definitely poking around dusty markets and hidden corners, away from the high gloss of malls and stores. Like every big city, the world over, LA has markets aplenty, with one key difference: this is Hollywood. Imagine rummaging through the closets and forgotten bric-a-brac of a zillion aspiring starlets. Its an exciting prospect for the most jaded shopper and it’s almost impossible to come away empty handed. There’s a point at which any steely resolve melts in the face of such pressure. Southwestern rugs, decor, vintage clothing, African, Asian, Americana, crystals, there’s bound to be something you can’t live without.

For just about everything you never knew you needed… The Melrose Trading PostDV

Melrose Trading Post, Sunday at Fairfax High School, Fairfax and Melrose. – $3 admission.

Photographs by Dear Velvet

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