How To Travel Light

What are you doing for the summer? I’m planning a short city trip and currently have the contents of my wardrobe tipped on the bed (and the floor) in a frantic attempt to construct a smooth, carefree, summer self. Casting my eye over the sea of black stuff, I can see where the problem lies. I’ve been living in severe, snow capped conformity for too long.

Everything is dark on my hangers, threatening to overwhelm my holiday horizon. Sure, I’d love to rock a sensuously fitted black dress here and there, like Kendal Jenner in Dolce and Gabbana, but on second thoughts, the bondage look doesn’t fit with my travel plans! And personally, I’m tired of waiting in line for the carousel, while the cool kids flop past double quick. Aren’t you? So if I can’t beat ’em I figured I’d join them.



Just Take It. And GO.

Lately my baggage seems to have become bigger and bigger (cue hollow laughter), and I’m going back to my city-hopping roots.

I love last minute trips and once even rocked up to a hotel with just a purse, much to the visible distress of the concierge. (It was one of those countries where a suitcase of holiday gear costs less than a t-shirt back home). I’m going somewhere hot where the same rules apply, so in the spirit of free-spiritedness, I put together a sparing backpack edit to have on hand for when you just have to get out the door and on a plane (train or automobile) fast. Think Mac’s go-bag on The Newsroom, and you’ll be on the right track. Doesn’t have to be Vuitton, get a little backpack, or tote bag: anything small.

Free People Slouchy Vegan Tote

Free People Slouchy Vegan Tote

The week will go with a swing, knowing you have one of these kits under your desk. As a statue vendor, with whom I wrangled in Delhi, said smiling broadly, (come Friday) “Just Take It. And GO.”

Have I packed enough?


The Go Bag