2020 Big Night Out: London Style

London Fashion during these Pandemic months was a mix of wishful thinking and utilitarian.

Lipstick mask stains – who can relate?

For my birthday in summer, I spent ages plotting what to wear for an exotic evening OUT in a restaurant (such excitement!) So many pretty new coloured frocks were auditioned, but my black Other Stories LBD seemed to go with my summer stormtrooper mode. Lucky I didn’t wear work boots too (in July) The BOY LONDON belt seemed to sum up my mood, and I went with the barely-there Guess sandals instead.
Note knowing juxtaposition of All Saints Balfour leather jacket and delicate precious silk paisley scarf snapped up in Mumbai airport as I exited the subcontinent after my moth long yoga sojourn.
Is 2020 the year we just gave up caring about style?
Too anxious about everything else?
Travel restrictions, sick relatives too distant to reach, latest Gov’t edicts, access to work, plastic gloves for public appearances, R rates etc.

What price fun when the outside world is toxic and scary?

Finally, a not too nervous friend graciously agreed to accompany me to The World, and we ate luxury Indian food at a place hitherto inaccessible without a several hour wait.: fabulous Indian Colonial retro inside, I loved it; the food too, plus the fuschia pink and black aesthetic suits my style. We breezed in easily. The two of us were the line – and the sole clientele. We outnumbered the waiter. Do we know how to party or what?

Was 2020 the End Of Style?


What price fun when the outside world is too toxic and scary?

So, How was your year of style?