5 Essentials For City Cool

Keep Cool in the City Heat

Is there a magical outfit that can take you from shopping and cupcakes through to a night with the girls? Or more precisely, in Rome, London or LA, how can you dress for the summer city and keep cool?

Try these five essentials.1: Natural Fibres, like these cotton jeans and silk tops.

2; Wear White: jeans, shoes, flowers in your hair, even giant pearls.. let the light shine on your face.

3: Pastel colors: these strappy silk tops from Shoe String Bamboo Vest tick all the boxes, add a few sweet flowers and blush all night.

4: Comfortable shoes: Ballet flats or chunky platform espadrilles should keep you on your feet till dawn.

5: Light shades: this style is retro, cool and delicate.

Grey Silk Top & Ballet Shoes - 5 Essentials For City CoolGrey & Pink Silk Tops - 5 Essentials For City CoolWhite Espadrilles - 5 Essentials For City CoolGrey & Pink & Flower - 5 Essentials For City Cool

Add a little homework reading to take those group shots and selfies like a pro. “The Busy Girl’s Guide to Digital Photography” is actually enlightening and very readable, good news for the bloggers among us, male and female.

Book CloseupSilk & Flowers - 5 Essentials For City Cool

And why not throw down a few cards to guide you for the evening? These, “Vanessa Tarot” cards, are so cute, and come in a handy little tin. Depicting supermodels romping through the tarot story, even the Tarot Terrified and the Psychic skeptics seem to love them. The card here is “Three of Cups”, signifying ‘fun and celebration with friends.’ Sound good?  Pop them in your purse.

Good to go.

Silk NOOSA Tops: Shoe String Bamboo Vest White jeans: Mango, Flower pins and brooches: H&M, Espadrille Platform Shoes from Spain, Ballet Shoes: Freed.

Vintage Glass Pearls & Sunglasses.

Phtotography By Dear Velvet