A Certain Light

Some days are etched into your memory, like an old movie scene. A certain light, a certain time of day bathes everyone in a timeless aura, making heroes of us all. I’ve seen it in Thailand and I’ve seen it here, in LA, when everyone shines just a little more, showing their best self.

Whether in morning’s early sheen or the long, harsh shadows of a summer day, let nature collaborate with you and sparkle.

It’s not the mere presence of sunlight but something else. It’s not simply the glamour of a beautiful scene but something else. It makes me nostalgic and impatient to live that moment, even while it’s still happening. It makes magic of reality.

By the beach, Santa Monica.
Alex at the cliff- That summer

Alex under a tree 2- That summer

Alex legs - That Summer

Alex under a tree - A Certain Light

Alex by beach - That summer


Alexandre wears T-shirt by WildFox, Jeans by Kate Spade & Assorted Beads.

Photography: Dear Velvet
Model: Alexandre