Little Green Dress

The green dress trend is a refreshing alternative to all that white and denim around for summer. Accessorise it to the max for evening or pare down to the basics for day. It stands out from the crowd and blends in with nature. What more could you want? Oh, and green has an association with health, fitness, warm-heartedness and well being, growth and money. Sounds promising..

How to wear a green dress

  • Wear Your Jewels

    Gorgeous Emerald or Subtle Peridot, wear your greens to dazzle, clear and shining. To really set off any complexion, keep green tones clear

  • Keep It Simple

    Avoid fussy shapes and frills: nice clean lines help to make green as flattering as black or white.

  • Take A Complement

    Complementary colours like the dark pink or red of the Bougainvillea, or sharp lemon yellow here, add sparkle and life.

All our wisdom is stored in the trees.Santosh Kalwar

Vintage little green dress
Try Michael Kors | Maison Margiela. 1 | Alexander Wang

Model: Ksenia
Photography: Dear Velvet

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