I first met her at a party. Gamine and sophisticated at once, she captured my imagination. What was behind those saucer-like eyes, the expression changing from glee to pathos in seconds, like a sudden cloud casting shadows on a sunny day? The mysterious Alba. Close and unreachable, like the moon, deep and unknowable, like life itself. Chameleon Spirit. The top hat, the armful of bangles, the little black dress suit her so well.. That pixie cut makes the saucer eyes the more startling. No makeup except lipstick: a perfect beauty parable. Flawless skin.

Yet, who is she?

To see her shrug in her mediterranean way, in the midst of one of her stories, told in that throaty voice, so opposite her childlike face, to see her dangle her hands from her lap, shoulders hunched as she ponders her next gambit, then erupt into laughter, speaking quickly and gesticulating wildly. Pure timing. Latin poetry.
So, we follow her…

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Alba’s Outfit Of The Day

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keepsake Let Me Be Me Dress: Urban Outfitters

Keepsake Let Me Be Me Dress: Urban Outfitters

Photography: Dear Velvet 

Model: Alba