Anastazio’s Golden Inspirations

Just recently, I’ve been thinking about all things golden. I always considered myself a silver jewellery girl, even though friends urged me to try bathing myself in the sunny golden rays of the other, more precious ore, but I was happy with my silver moonbeams. When I saw the intricate and feminine designs by Greek designer, Anastazio, however, I was finally moved to reconsider.

On closer inspection, I love the fine gold work, and the delicate stones. Though executed in bold shapes, which is my passion, there is such a light and feminine feel to them.  When I look at them and their tiny inscriptions, I can’t help thinking of high-born princesses and playful goddesses, dressed in flowing white robes. Anastazio

With a luxe feel, and echoes of natural forms, Greek heroines and even ancient monuments, I find the collection intriguing. Who doesn’t love a sense of history in design? Not to mention the emotionally charged names, like, “Confused Feelings”, and “You Like A Charm”. There are some of my favourite stones, like Blue Topaz, and powerful, symbolic  shapes. Guaranteed to sweep a girl off her feet!

Time, I think, for me to reconsider my metals. I decided to take a peek into Anastazio’s golden world of inspiration…

Anastazioring - Anastazio

Anastazio, you started designing jewelry from  a young age. Were you entirely self taught?

Yes, entirely. Ι started to learn the art of stone setting beside my brother, Agis Kotsopoulos, and studied the art of handmade jewellery from the best goldsmiths. Setting stones started a passion in me to design and create my brand. I started with simple, unique pieces.

Design is something that came to me over the years.Ring - Anastazio

What drew you to jewelry and not other art forms? Were you an artist as a child?

I used to watch my brother practising the art of stone setting and one day I asked him to show me how. That was how it all began. I don’t know if I was an artist as a child but sure, I have the style inside me!

And the secret behind those poetic names?

My first collection “All Time Classic”, is a combination of ancient Greek culture and femininity and beauty.  Most of the
names unfailingly refer to love! My inspiration is to make a woman feel unique.

So who is the ideal Anastazio woman? Do you have a muse?

My pieces are mainly designed for dynamic women with strong personalities, who like to feel beautiful and confidant when wearing them. I have my way of designing, but I also love the design of de Grisogono.

Are there any celebrities you’d like to design for?

I’d love to design a unique piece with Ancient Greek Culture for Charlize Theron, because I think she’s one of the most beautiful, feminine women, with such a unique personality.Anastazio

Where can we find your designs, besides the Greek Islands?

Right now, I’m presenting my first collection in my online boutique website, and in the next weeks present also my collection in three more online stores, one of which is with one of the top jewelry communities in the world. In the coming years, sure, I think you’ll find my design in jewelry stores throughout the

The shapes of your pieces are so sculptural, even sensuous, and you talk of ancient cultures. Do you dream of Ancient Heroines and Heroes?

Ancient Greek Culture is always a source of inspiration to me, and I am trying to integrate the ancient symbols with modern lines. A combination of old and new, past and future…

No, I don’t dream of Ancient heroes but I strongly believe we need to keep the knowledge of the ancients and design for the future.AnastazioAnastazioAnastazio

We need to keep the knowledge of the ancients and design for the future.

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All Photgraphs © Anastazio