My Asylum – Yahn Adam

I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these awesome jeans by Yahn Adam at Bangkok Fashion Week, and they’ve stayed in my mind ever since. Haunted me even: they’re the ‘jeans that got away’. Not surprising they had such an impact, with their dystopian, distressed ambiance, ripped and bleached mercilessly, their accompanying plastic breastplates, chains and zips.

There’s also the name of the collection: My Asylum.

Yahn Adam - Plastic Top

Yahn Adam is an  Artist, Engineer, self-taught Fashion Designer, Jewellery Maker and creative all-rounder who, like many artistic souls throughout history, has a sensitive, highly imaginative disposition that overwhelmed him to the point where he spent some time in professional care. His designs, referencing x-rays and hospital stays, inspired by the exigencies of his experiences there, and had such a powerful impact he was chosen as one of the small, select group of exhibitors in Bangkok by Harper’s Bazaar.

I was fascinated by his story, his bravery in and fortitude in being able to shape his experiences into a collection at once both stark and poetic, and I love his whole aesthetic, with bar-coded logos, slicked-back hair and minimal makeup. Not to mention the ability to design his first collection completely untutored.

Now that’s inspiring.

Yahn Adam Jeans

“Chainmaille Body Harness Vest.” The Yahn Adam chick has bags of attitude.DV

Apart from all that, you just Know you could wear these jeans. Just about anywhere. I love their combination of skinniness and punk aesthetic. Perfect for a high-low pairing with sleek heels or big, clunky boots and an attitude. Chainmaille Body Harness Vest? Plastic skirts and tops? Heck, yeah.Yahn-Adam-Vest-and-JeansYahn Adam Back View

The Yahn Adam chick has bags of attitude. Rather like you, dear Velveteer…

Yahn Adam Bow

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Photography by Dear Velvet