Autumn Yellow

I love this time of year, when we’ve done with summer things, the pretty frocks and days on the beach and endless parades of bare skin. I usually miss out on the Fall changes, being in another hot, unblinking time zone, where nothing disturbs the impenetrable smiles of shockingly beautiful locals..

I’m speaking of you, Los Angeles, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, India and the rest. The light and endless bleached days have such a special place in my heart, and I’ll always have the wanderlust, but sometimes it’s good to just warm yourself in a cozy sweater and draw in your wings.sweater-in-field - Yellow Sweater - Autumn Yellow

Who doesn’t need the sunshine?

The best colors of Fall, greys, Earth tones, maroons and yellow are well represented this season, particularly the yellow. Who doesn’t need a little reminder of the sunshine they’ll miss for a few months? Harvest: Autumn Yellow

This glowing knit from Hush is just enough to chase away the S.A.D and bring you back into balance. An added benefit, according to the language of colors is that yellow is said to be good for personal power and self-confidence. A win then.Yellow Sweater - Autumn Yellow

Bask in the sun one more time. You know you want to.


Classic V Jumper: Hush
Coated Biker Jeans: Hush
Ankle Boots: Ted Baker

Photography by Dear Velvet

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