In Badlands

Story So Far….

The Badlands, the desert, whatever you want to call it.. If you’re going out there, you’d better have your story straight. Like the characters in Tarantino’s  two-volume epic, everyone’ll have a tale to tell, an angle to work. This is Southern California, not too far from the City of Angels… there’s actors, artists, medicine men. Who knows what they’re selling: myths or blue smoke?
Just like every story, there’s two sides to this one: flip the card and see. —>

Jefry Neda

A dream, a passion and a way with words… Knows how to work both sides of the lens.
Oftentimes he just takes off and drives.

The Badlands

As far from the steamy Southern heat as you can go. The sharp streets of NYC just disappear in the haze. Out here, everything’s possible…


Badlands… Anything goes…

Part 2:The Warrior
Part 3: The Seer

Model/Actor: Jefry Neda
Photography/Creative Direction: Dear Velvet
Location: Nr. Four Aces Motel, Palmdale, Desert, California

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