Beckmans: Think Pink

At the Beckmans College of Art show at #SFW, Stockholm’s next designers made so many strong design statements it’s hard to know where to start with analysis. Pink seems as good a place as any.

As one of the official Pantone colours of the year, pink or Rose Quartz, as they label it, has once more placed it’s sugar-coated stamp on the fashion landscape. Girly and over-saturated in the female market it may be, but this showing of pink, with dark, painterly patterns emblazoned on a skirt and an oversized fluffy bomber on a man in a leather kilt, is different. No longer a symbol of the meek and submissive, the tool of the patriarchy to befuddle the brains of the female populace. Not to be confused with the clothing of little girls and their playthings, this time we have pink with bite, as seen with the man in a kilt.

Beckmans, a premier design college in Sweden, seems to be humming with sophisticated fashion talent, with so many witty and wearable looks on show. The tailoring, the layering and the textiles were superb and I’m excited to look at some of the designers in detail in the coming weeks. The young designers worked in collaboration with major Swedish fashion brands, such as Cheap Monday, Ida Sjöstedt, House of Dagmar and Whyred. As we can see, the project was a great success.
But first, pink. Rose Quartz, or PANTONE 13-1520 TCX, for the more technically minded among us, this is the colour set to take us by storm this year. Or maybe to take us more gently, it is baby pink, after all.
Think Pink, like the students from Beckmans College of Fashion, Sweden’s upcoming designers. Toughen it up with pink and black combinations, fake fur, shiny black leather and teardrop-stained eyes, cut holes in it and stain your shoes with Rose Quartz. Go mannish with a suit, edged in red or man up and challenge the norms.
Think Pink.

Stockholm’s Next Designers at Beckmans College Of Fashion:

Photographs By Mathias Nordgren CC 2016, Courtesy Of Beckmans College Of Art

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