The Best Time To Buy A White Dress

Buy That White Dress Now!

Sales time, and particularly the end of end-of-season sales is the absolute Best time to cater to your sartorial fantasies. Always imagined yourself as a landed, lady of substance? Buy tweeds, just as spring styles hit the shops and we’re longing for pastels. A romantic, Jane Eyre style, bodice heaving heroine like Anne Hathaway or Keira Knightley? Velvet ball gowns and sumptuous satins in jewel tones, after the Holiday season.

Pristine, pale and magnetic like Marilyn Monroe, or Blake Lively? Why, it’s now, baby cakes.

Sheila Agatha Wijaya - White Dress

Hit the town this weekend and rummage through the racks or, much more Velveteen, just look online. The summer’s winging its way to fall and now is definitely the time for bargains.

Here are some inspirational, aspirations for your future romantic soirees, guaranteed to last many a summer. White is always in style, and like black, is hard to date or make into a misstep.

Be a Princess. You know you want to!

Ted Baker has a gorgeous blue and white toile de jouy- like number (sadly not on sale: its sheer perfection) that has some of the essence of the wonderful Tiube Gallery dresses I saw in Bangkok. No gold headdress, but you could tie on a tiara or slip a gold-tone trinket in your hair.

Tube Gallery White Blue & Gold - White Dress

Tube Gallery



John Paras Panels - White Dress

John Paras

Peggy Hartanto White Peplum - White Dress

Peggy Hartanto


John Paras White Check - White Dress

John Paras

John Paras Bondage - White Dress

John Paras

The Best Time To Buy A White Dress

NAGARA | John Paras | Tube Gallery | Peggy Hartanto

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Photography From Bangkok Fashion Week by  Dear Velvet