To stay cool, sometimes all you need is this.. Albin knows. Unisex, classic and good enough for Brad Pitt, the vest is the thing. Or the singlet, tank, whatever you call it. Just don’t call it a wife beater: that’s so last century.

Must be something about the bared biceps, mixed with worker-like functionality. Works for girls, boys and just about everyone. Miranda Kerr, Marlon Brando.. the list goes on. Stick to jersey in a plain color: don’t let them know you tried.

cool 3

cool 1

cool 4

cool 2


Albin wears white tank: similar – Diesel | Superdry | Calvin Klein (x2) | Polo Ralph Lauren (x2) | Hugo Boss (x3)

For the strict girl’s definition of cool, The Row is cool, but who’s counting chromosomes?

Photography: Dear Velvet

Model: Albin 1 +  2