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It’s been so refreshing navigating the English countryside these last few weeks: country wild, in fact. The weather has been idyllic, with small fluffy clouds and blue skies cloaking the earth. Makes such a change from the searing solar radiance of the tropics. The gentler warmth of the Shires, with their rolling fields and all-but-deserted roads is a treat for the skin and the psyche.

Lately, I’ve managed to pry myself away from the laptop on occasion and sit against trees, (sometimes even hugging them), wander in the local fields, peer around on the map for tiny villages and hamlets, soaking up traditional crafts, like knitting.  It’s always good to take a moment or two to touch the earth, even the concrete, with bare feet, to reconnect with the planet, and now I’m keen to learn as much as possible about health, nature and the environment. It’s begun on a small-scale with juicing, and running through fields.

This crochet sea-colored dress, aviators and straw stetson seemed like the perfect accompaniment to an English summer country jaunt. Go figure.

There’s something about being out under the skies that sets the soul free and lifts the spirits, whichever skies you’re under, and this year I’ve really put that to the test, visiting Asia, Spain and the wide-open spaces of Arizona. I once heard someone refer to “Sky People”, or those who need wide open spaces to breathe, and a lot of freedom to survive. That’s definitely me, and there’s nothing I love better than travelling. I know its such a privilege and I give thanks for the opportunity every day.

Speaking of travel, it’s time to break out the pictures from India and Nepal. The experiences were so intense, the fragrance still so sweet, that I realise now I just have to unpack the saris and rollout the newspaper covered bundles of handicrafts. Time to assess the enormous growth these travels have afforded me.

Maybe that’s something you can do in your own life too. Every weekend away or day trip to another location gives you a fresher perspective.

Let me know how it goes!

Running Wild - Country Wild

Hands - Country WildSunlight - Country Wild

IMG_9581Thinking - Country WildCountry-Wild hands

Photography by Dear Velvet

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