Diana Orving’s Pleats

Diana Orving’s wrapped and bound Fall styles are good for cooler days. This one has a slightly punk feel with the giant safety pin and self-constructed flower. In fact her whole ethos seems to be about challenging the homogeneity of fashion, with her unusual models and cutting edge wrappings, precise, yet flowing and free. Very Stockholm.

More Scandinavian cerebrality..

A little reminiscent of Issey Miyake but with less Japanese experimentation and more cool Scandinavian cerebrality, I can just imagine this pleated dress with lace-up brogues and maybe ankle socks to play down the shine. Not too precious. The attitude says it all: hair undone and unruly, steely gaze, determined stride. Let’s tag along, she seems to know where she’s headed…As for the clothes? Wearable, relaxed, they almost shout, “Time for Change.. Fashion is a state of mind, not a set of rules.” These are for today’s woman, who pleases herself.

I’d love to wrap myself against the vagaries of trend and time in this and just glide about, carrying an unfinished leather satchel and perhaps a new iPad and Pencil. Then I’d just wait for inspiration to strike, jot down a code poem or two.

A dress to think in.. Brava Ms Orving.


Photograph by Dear Velvet


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