Easy Summer Pieces

A Few Easy Summer Pieces To Cool You Down

The invitation reads Smart Casual and the temperature is high. Sexy frocks are out. Shorts, likewise. What to do?

And what the heck is “smart casual”, anyway? It’s a perennial question, not easily answered without a long essay about social niceties, office wear, appropriateness and so on. The answer could just lie in staple white, color block and some great shoes. Maybe a bit of jewellery. Easy Summer Pieces.

This gorgeous Shoe String Bamboo Vest, paired, naturally, with white Mango skinnies and a pair of sweet flower platforms by Bertie should solve the conundrum. There you are. Good to go.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Easy Summer Pieces

Hush Detail - Easy Pieces Sunglasses - Easy PiecesPearls & Rocks - Easy PiecesBertie Shoes - Easy PiecesMango Jeans - Easy PiecesBertie - Easy Pieces

Summertime.. And The Living Is Easy….DV

Spice Classic Silk Shirt: Hush

Jeans: Mango

Shoes: Bertie

Photography By Dear Velvet