Elle Fashion Week, Bangkok: Chanel & Cape

Swirling in the lobby of Elle Fashion Week, Bangkok, I saw this truly stylish outfit. Chanel bag, check. To die for cape dress, check. Statement necklace and two-tone Mary-Janes. Check, check, check. Elegant to a fault, she has it all under control.  Naturally I was similarly turned out. *Discreet cough*.  As Christopher Isherwood put it, I Am A Camera” . Of course. 

Thai Ladies remain flawless and Jai Yen

The graceful Thai fashionistas are never knowingly out-dressed. Come heat, hair frizzing monsoon and deep puddles up to their delicate ankles, they remain flawless and Jai Yen, or Cool-Hearted, which means calm and collected. 

If I just had that Chanel to swing and cape to swirl, like a superhero, I’d be the same…
Le sigh…

Sawasdee Ka.

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