Fall In Love With Natural

A short stop in the land of endless summer and the shining nights of LA, too hot to sleep, too drowsy to toss and turn, have finally segued into Autumn, even the most ardent of beach bunnies has to admit. A few days in and I’m craving crisp walks in the woods and starlit bonfires. Soon to come.

As I roam the early morning tide in my flip-flops, it’s hard to believe the skies won’t always be perfect eggshell blue. Never mind, I can still dream of  over-sized sweaters and ankle boots, and ogle funereal ensembles and faux-fur hooded parkas I’d be way to hot to wear here.


California girls love to gather round store displays of such anomalies, touching soft fabrics, secretly planning a brunch date in thick cashmere wrap and suede boots, where they’ll quietly endure all for style’s sake. It’s the same in every warm culture I’ve seen, from LA to Bangkok to Delhi, when tourists are flashing as much skin as possible, loud prints akimbo, protesting heat fatigue, the locals are gearing up for a dark-hued battle: faux fall is the ultimate one-upmanship.


The season change is all about Nature, surely? With Halloween just past and Christmas a whole month away, we can luxuriate in soft mohairs and fallen leaf inspired colors… Even though throughout every major city in the globe, fall and winter clothes tend to be blackBelieve me, I’m like very other city girl, dressing in winter’s morning twilight, fumbling through piles of dark Stuff, trying to guess whether the item I’m holding is a pair of tights, a sweater or a tight jersey dress. 

Less is more and nature knows best.DV

But this season I’m inspired by Nature: walks on the land, whether sand or bare earth, natural products, meditation, clean food, from green smoothies, bright beet juices, to warming soups. It’s not just the season that’s changed for me. I’ve been journalling, walking and thinking up a storm, trying to see where the changes need to come. Looking at the acres of perfect Californian flesh on display only makes me want to strip away more… not clothes, but things. It’s been an intense time of reflection. From meeting world-class yogis to passing the palmists and long-boarders on Venice, the message increasingly seems to be less is more and nature knows best.

Fall in love with natural 4

This is a movement that’s stealthily gaining traction, echoed in little ways like the supernatural skin trend, the endless body image debates, the trainer and sneaker obsession, the celeb fitness photo-calls. It’s seeping in and I don’t need much convincing. I crave simplicity.


Yes, I’m falling in love with Natural. Of course, it’s LA..

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