Flowers in Her Hair

The surest herald of Summer is the month of May, conjuring images of revelry, commencement and budding season beauty. So what better way to ring in the new term than to coo over these visions of comeliness? Summer - Flowers In Her Hair
Seen here with flowers in her hair, Anaïs Droeven can match the blushing brides and sweet maidens of the season with aplomb. She’s a Belgian model and public figure in Brussels, where she hosts parties and cool events. Anaïs  also DJs internationally and recently opended the finest steak house in her home town: Colonel. (Find her on Twitter: @anaisdroeven).
Smart, soulful and fun too. She sets the bar high for international IT girls indeed. Added to which, she has the name of one of my favourite writers, Anaïs Nin. (As for Belgium, Martin Margiela, Christian Develter, our photographer, Olivier, himself.. there must be something in the water there. I need to visit.) Our photographer and stylist friends Olivier Hero Dressen and Luca Buzas created this story as an an answer to Nature and the march of time. Globetrotters both, they understand perfectly the Dear Velvet motto: Beauty is Everywhere.

“Our shoot is an artistic vision of the Four Seasons and we worked with the latest collections from Jean Paul Knott, Marjorie Vermeulen and American Vintage,” Luca tells me: “We had a pure and simple idea: to play with floral accessories and pared down shapes, using natural light as a paint brush.”Ful Length - Flowers In Her Hair

I think we can agree they succeeded! I just love the play of femininity and fragility in these pictures, against the raw, natural elements like rough stone walls and the inherent strength and intelligence of Anaïs herself. Perfection. I’m longing for summer and the certainty of long days without the need to wear scarves and bundles of fabric. The Russian doll feeling I have when I take off layers after a walk outside? Let it be banished.

Who’ll join me in rounds of “Summer is a comin’ in”? There’s nothing like singing a 13th Century rota song with gusto for clearing the cobwebs.. But if you really want to get in the mood for a summer of love, put this on repeat on Spotify: San Francisco, (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair…) And do check out the video: it’s like Coachella 1.0.

Set to work with the wire and pliers, or look up the stylists who made the wreaths: Eileen Caytan and her accomplice, Valeriane Treasure. Beauty and style can be yours for the summer with a handful of roses: just wear flowers in your hair. Simple, butterflies.

Full Face - Flowers In Her Hair

Bridal Veil - Flowers In Her Hair

Fall - Flowers In Her HairFall Full Length - Flowers In Her Hair

Dark Rose Full Length - Flowers In Her Hair2

Happy Summer!

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Editorial Credits
Photographer // Olivier Hero Dressen
Art Directors // Luca Buzas / Olivier Hero Dressen
Model : Anais Droeven @IMM Bruxelles
Stylist : Eileen Caytan // Valeriane Tramasure
Hair and makeup // Eileen Caytan
Accessories // Valeriane Tramasure
Production //
Retouching //
Location // Brussels/ Belgium
Clothes // Jean Paul Knott, Marjorie Vermeulen and American Vintage

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