Flowers Of A Distant Meadow

Pluck These Flowers Of A Distant Meadow While They Bloom

Tube Gallery have such a beautiful aesthetic. Half a glimpse at a few of their summer offerings can teach such a lot about mixing pattern, color, traditional motifs and even national icons.

Dazzling us with golden accents and flaxen hair, all the more striking on Asian models, they made a good case for delving into a country’s style archives to come up with a fresh take on fashion, transcending all boundaries, traditions and sociopolitical mores. That Russia was chosen for this essay in sartorial mixology is a fact one might ponder over, I’d dare say an intentional one at that, but for the moment let’s examine the grace and serendipity of the designs.

There’s something here to inspire every lover of color and vintage style.

Tube Gallery - Flowers of a distant meadow

Tight-fitting tops with appliquéd Russian dolls.. Gold lamé boleros, peplum skirts, printed with a thousand babushkas..DV

Tube Gallery 5 - Flowers of a distant meadowTube Gallery Long - Flowers Of A Distant Meadow

Tube Gallery 3 - Flowers of a distant meadow

The gold-beaded bodices…The beehives.DV

Tube Gallery 1 - Flowers of a distant meadowTube Gallery 2 - Flowers of a distant meadow

Gold military halos.. 50s shapes.. Drop-shoulders.DV

Tube Gallery 6 - Flowers of a distant meadow

Form-fitting retro-patterned frocks, encrusted with gold.DV

The sheer quantity of detail, lovingly applied to such simple shapes was dizzying. I loved the attitude of the models and the St.Petersburg artistry of it all. It reminds me somehow of the movie, “Russian Ark”, by Alexander Sokurov. (When in London, I’m a big frequenter of cinemas like The National Film Theatre and other rep houses: you can catch such gems there.)

Filmed in one 96-minute long steadicam shot in St.Petersburg’s Russian State Hermitage Museum, it dances through one era after another in Russian history, literally, with balls, intrigues and lover’s quarrels. (Think Anna Karenina, through the ages.) The costumes were exquisite. If you want to waltz your way through the vintage lexicon, you must get a copy and study it assiduously.

This collection has something of that feel to it. In the end, beyond my cerebral ramblings, they are totally feminine, super pretty clothes.

I loved them.

Photography By Dear Velvet

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