Flynow: Glamour From A Bygone Age

The Flynow show I saw last year in Bangkok was breathtaking and literally dazzling, with fluorescent tube lighting being lowered in cage-like formations around the models as the show closed. As I squinted through the blinding haze, I couldn’t help but covet the huge, cocoon-like coats, tweed suits and mega-high stilettos.

This year’s Flynow offering, at BIFW, looks to have surpassed the last. And no wonder, Flynow’s designer, Somchai Songwattana, is the darling of Thai society, designing for aristocracy and and the cognoscenti alike. In fact, my accomplice at the show sat behind one of the most rarified of fashionistas: a Thai Princess, immaculately dressed in cutting edge style. He was swooning for weeks.

 I love the mood of these picturesDV

Our special photographer-at-large in Bangkok, Varaporn Noothong has recorded the fierce beauty and decadent hauteur of the Flynow show to inspire us to sartorial elegance and excess. I love the mood of these pictures, displaying several themes in the collection, which I’ll unpack over the next week or so. We’re so thrilled to have her teaming up with us. Bangkok Fashion Week is an exhilarating experience, one of colors, pairings and juxtapositions seldom seen in the West: Asia knows color! Luckily we are not separated by time or distance; Varaporn is on the scene. As she puts it so beautifully,


Why indeed?

Flynow Stage Is Set

Take a moment to really look at the stage setting, with its destroyed style, beautiful, crazy and abandoned. Drink in the air of delicious doom.

Look at this outfit and imagine yourself cinched in skin tight tweed, swaddled in feathers and loitering palely on vertiginous heels. Old Hollywood is in your sights and many a lovelorn swain drifts in your wake. You can take them or leave them. You can pick whom you choose. You fine girl, you.


But this is just a tease.. more finery awaits. Hold your breath and stand up straight, you look more elegant that way. Kisses.

Flynow Tweed Suit

Photography  Varaporn Noothong

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