Harvee Kok: Closer

Harvee Kok, Eyes Forward

I’ve been taking a closer look at Harvee Kok’s designs and trying to frame what makes them so special for me. Is it the fabulous textures, with intricately woven patterns and subtle shifts in tone and color, or indeed the monochrome tonality, stark and austere, which I love? How about the shapes? Super wearable skirts and shorts, with a hint of edginess, especially when it comes to the swing jackets and tops?

These are all great, but wearability or borderline too-cool-for-school properties have never hindered a young designer bursting with talent much in the past (no names, please..).

But that’s not it. For me the whole thing comes down to an indefinable quality which may appear to have no place in a garment’s design and yet underpins the construction of every piece of art we wear, see, watch, live in, listen to and love today.


And who can resist a sparkling wit or piercing intelligence? Not me..

Harvee Kok 13

Who can resist a sparkling wit or piercing intelligence? Not me..DV

There’s certainly a cerebral quality to Harvee, both in listening to him talking about the origins of his ideas, and in watching the way the clothes move, and even in how he presents them and the models he chooses.

It’s a pleasure that makes one breathe a little more sharply and sit nearer to the edge of one’s seat.

Harvee Kok - 15 Harvee Kok - 16 Harvee Kok - 18

He’s got my attention. Breathless to see where he takes his inspiration… Harper’s Bazaar was right(of course):

Harvee Kok, eyes forward. Look closer.


Photographs and Styling:

Lookbook Team

Photography – Zhong LinHair – Juno KoMake up – Alicia Tan

Model – Fanely Porte – Attitude Models & Production
Runway Team

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