Harvee Kok: In Focus

Recently I managed to catch up with the wonderful Harvee Kok, winner of Harper’s Bazaar’s New Young Asian Designer Awards, held at Bangkok International Fashion Week. I find his monochrome palette and rich textural display, so wearable..
Harvee is cramming in a lot of shows and design work right now, and packing for London to take up his prize, a Master’s in Fashion at the prestigious Marangoni Institute.
Deep thinking, as always, he put down his pencil for a moment to update us on his news. We’re excited for him!
Harvee Kok - In Focus
Hi Harvee, how have things been for you since Harper’s Bazaar awards?
HK: After the Harper’s Bazaar awards, a lot of great opportunities came to me. I appreciate my life so much more now, and remind myself to embrace every aspect of our existence.
What projects are you working on at the moment?
HK: After KLFW 2014, I’m involved in some magazine interviews. In the meantime, I’m preparing myself for attending the London course soon.
Harvee Kok - In Focus 3
Tell us more about working on the Johnnie Walker “Keep Walking” campaign​ ​?​
Following in the tradition of previous years, the bestselling whisky in the world continues to celebrate the never-give-up spirit
of its famous golden striding man with the occasion, choosing to personify the virtue with five exemplary individuals this time.
The five ambassadors have been choosen from different fields– bartenders Shawn Chong and Karl Too, Chef Nigel Richter,
filmmaker Quek Shio Chuan and Harvee Kok. – Johnnie Walker
HK: I was lucky enough be a part of Johnnie Walker this year and the event provided me a platform to showcase my award-winning collection titled, “Bipolarity”.
Harvee Kok - In Focus 17
What was ​ ​it like taking part in Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week?
HK: After the Harper’s Bazaar awards, I was invited to join Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week and showcase my new collection titled “Reincarnation Remedy”. It was an awesome experience being a part of KLFW!
Briefly, about “Reincarnation Remedy”collection:I started the idea when I watched a documentary about Cordyceps Sinensis. The lifecycle of Sinesis is the most interesting part especially the colors changing of the whole cycle “Winter Worm, Summer Grass”.
Based on the idea of Sinesis, I am trying to play upon an unexpected amalgamation of materials, colour constrasts and structures in the collection.The irregular shape of cordyceps inspires me to be unrestricted by any frames or limitations. I experiment and create visual a identity and identification of my name, paying great attention to the collection’s coherency, consistency and continuity.
Consequentially, I use a variety of textures including pony hair, microfibre, cotton, cashmere, wool and double knit fabric which enlivens the collection. My focus here is very much on the details and construction of the garments.
Also, my application hardware and metal beads in this collection is trademark of my design.

Harvee Kok - In Focus 2Harvee Kok - In Focus 8

Lookbook Team

Photography – Zhong LinHair – Juno KoMake up – Alicia Tan

Model – Fanely Porte – Attitude Models & Production
Runway Team

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