Holiday Dreams

Around about now, with the Holiday season in full swing and santa hats topping even the smartest of heads, I start sneaking into the Seychelles section of Instagram and Pinterest. You know the scene: all infinity pools and endless beaches. Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for a  man in red with serious facial hair, but I’ve found the best Yuletides in my diary have been spent in hot, steamy places. Whether there are giant neon snowflakes, fake snow falls or Zen monks, I don’t really mind. Make my holiday a hot one.

So when Luca Bazas sent me these bright vistas of the Shanghai skyline, complete with actual Spring 16 outfits, my longing to leave the gothic streets of London for a little sunshine, just for a moment, was assuaged. Don’t we all need a little holiday from streets darkened by mid-afternoon and the regulation black coat overload?

We’ve seen Luca’s work before and along with  her partner, Olivier Hero Dressen,  she’s half of a dynamic Stylist/Art Director duo, based in Shanghai, who seem intent on bringing our jaded city palates back to life. The first sight of the model with her noodles against a red door or flaunting her selfie stick above Shanghai made me want to pack my holdall and jet. How about you?

As for the clothes themselves, they’re perfect inspiration for the city vacation: the fringe skirt is so New York Fashion Week SS16 and the white outfit will give a clear head start in a meeting. We all know you have your laptop with you, Girl Boss.






Fashion Tourist – Credits:

Photographer: Olivier Hero Dressen
Model: Julianna Mucsi
Styling and make up : Luca Buzas
Retouch : Studio Supreme
Production : Studio Supreme
Location: Shanghai, China
Clothes: Hempel Showroom

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