Horisaki Heaven

Taking a moment to step away from the hustle and bustle in Stockholm, I tripped along a picturesque little street to Horisaki’s emporium in a clothing store named Jus. The craftsman-like feel of the decor, the heavy linens,  natural fibres and unusual tailoring of the clothes, for both men and women, were intriguing enough for me to halt my stampede round the fashions shows for a while and just breathe in the calm.White Hats - Horisaki Heaven
Armed with a glass of elderberry juice to cool me off, I was sent up some wooden steps through a tiny doorway into a white space filled with hats… (And I’ve long espoused the importance of hats.)

Black, White, Red Hats - Horisaki Heaven

A kind of rakish cool that shows you have the presence, the fashion chops to wear them.DV

Red, white and black, they covered the floor like flower petals. Their twisted crowns, angled brims and sometimes burnt surfaces reminds me of a mystical story world, where a hat is the mark of a magician. Yes, at first I thought of The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter, and wizards in The Lord Of The Rings, I couldn’t help it. But I soon realised  there was something way more edgy at play: a kind of rakish cool that shows you have the presence, the fashion chops to wear them.

Shadow Hat - Horisaki Heaven

Jus Store - Horisaki Heaven

I definitely need one of these hats. Every headpiece in the store was totally different from the next, so they had the custom-made feel I love. As the achingly cool host pointed out to me as she welcomed me, there were 300 hats there and I must try on every one. I did my best to comply.

The handmade, crumpled, Horisaki hat is my new crush.DV

Everyone looked fascinating in these headpieces, and as Horisaki himself is not averse to setting fire to his hats, I think it  is safe to say, if we all wore them, life would be much more passionate.

Red Hats - Horisaki Heaven

Crumpled Hat - Horisaki Heaven

Jus Store - Horisaki Heaven

Horisaki Heaven

139, 380 30 Rockneby, Sweden

Brunnsgatan 7, 111 38 Stockholm, Sweden

Photography Dear Velvet Team