Hot Colors Everywhere

Hot, Hot Colors…

The recent show I saw at Siam Paragon reminds me of seminal artist, Piet Mondrian, who used grids of blazing colour to express his ideas of balance, in a way that influences us all to this day.DV

How to wear hot colors this Spring? Everywhere! From flashes of fluoro plastered, literally, in sticky patches all over your body, to a neon, under-lighted disco floor, a few shuffles of the Pantone cards or your favorite gel pens should give you a color scheme to see you through till Fall, pastels be darned.

(We’ll have to face up to them soon, I know, but pastels always remind me of blue-rinses. Hey ho, I’ll look for some good combos and report back. Wish me luck.)

“But hot colors are too overwhelming for my delicate complexion/local, watery sunshine/half-lit bedroom,” you say? Pah! The more the merrier, mix ’em up and bring a reluctant smirk to your disapproving granny’s face, before she has a rummage through her purse for a nice pale primrose scarf. It’ll be worth be worth the investment in neon sharpies alone.


 The fluouro  Mondrian-themed floor was lit from beneath. I’d love to have a room like this, for recreational purposes. And a glitter ball. That yellow tulle tutu-like frock would be great for entertaining chez moi, in my private club… *Starry eyes*.

Hot Clothes Detail, Hot Colors EverywhereOrange Outfit - Hot Colors Everywhere

These hot orange strapped corset-peplum-belts are cool – I mean hot. If a little unforgiving for the chocoholic styliste. Best switch to fruitarianism.

Orange Girls - Hot Colors EverywhereHot Shoes & Plasters - Hot Colors Everywhere

Love the canary yellow sock and multicolored plaster combo, and the glitter snakeskin booties.

Hot Beauty - Hot Colors Everywhere

That girl. To me her ennui is so.. PARIS. And that’s hot.




Photographs By Dear Velvet

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