(How To ) Love This Year!

Yes, Love 2015!

Many of us find a New Year, exciting, it’s in our DNA, but this 2015 year, it’s special. So special in fact, that I say, “You’re gonna Love 2015!”

This 2015 year, it’s Special.

For starters, last year was a potent mix of blessings and bloopers in the lives of so many. The news was a turbulent mishmash, with conscious uncouplings, new couplings and, if we’re to believe the papers, newly conscious re-couplings (Go Gwynnie!), Royal Babies blossoming into toddlerhood, tragedy in the air, at sea and on the screen. Friends performed many a convoluted dance in their love lives and some succumbed to sickness, leaving a space that cannot be filled. Others shot to prominence or jumped on their life path with glee. Confusing, yes, but that’s what make Life so rich.

I spent the last month on a kind of Shamanic Journey, travelling through time zones, class zone and every kind of zone and barrier, simply to get to the other side.. Or so I thought. What it all taught me is that underneath the surface glitz and tribal fashions, we’re all the same.

Cheesy, I know, but no matter how tricky it was to understand my new friends’ different accents, or explain myself in sign language and smoke signals, no matter how overwhelmingly lush and downright scary some of the places I’ve passed through (hey, Los Angeles is a melting pot, k?) I’ve always found a big smile, a little humour, forthrightness and a fresh face definitely help along the way. (All those Himalaya Neem face packs paid off, thank you, India!)

The Magical Number 8

2+0+1+5 = 8DV

But I came not to bury the last year, but to praise the new one. It just has to be better! It has magic written all over it, and I’ll explain why. This year, this 2015 is for the numerological minded among us, an Eight year. Just add the digits: 2+0+1+5 = 8.

That sounds simple, but so what? The number 8 is, perversely, both good for business and commerce, and yes, success, but also for magic and mysticism. Maybe this seems like an odd combination, but the stability, steadfastness, analytical ability and sheer determination of the 8 make the best of tools for making magic happen in your life.

Ms. Eight Plans For Success

Ever heard of those long-term overnight successes, those bands who were together for years before becoming flavour of the month (and staying that way), the actors who worked at their craft in tiny parts for a lifetime before being hurled into top billing? Well, that’s a mark of the qualities of Ms. Eight.

She’s a planner, success-junkie, and probably a Prada-suited, glass-ceiling shattering, ball-buster to boot, but she also knows her mysticism from her management reports, and doesn’t chase after money for the sake of the cash. It’s the thrill of success, the prize of seeing all those machinations fall into place that moves her. And when she wins, which she usually does, she’s generous, open-hearted and as mystical as they come She just doesn’t get lost in daydreams.

You’d want her on your side.

Dark Skirt - Love 2015Journey To An OtherWorld

Shamans journey into an other world to bring back gifts for the people… This can be ancient  secrets, magic, foretelling or news of a different way of life. I prefer the latter and I’m often found staring dreamily into my coffee grounds in Starbucks. (Hey, anyone can do it, but if you’re into Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Frappuccinos, you’re going to have to learn to read the foam too.)

So this seems like as good a time as any to start reading the auguries (signs to you and me, but it sounds impressive..) and I’m going to throw out a few ideas to get you armed and ready when you’re struggling to choose between your Louboutins and your Manolos in the morning. Not Carrie Bradshaw? Well Converse and Supergas then.