How to Wear A Little Grey Dress

The Wonders Of The Little Grey Dress

I love color. Bright, color blocked panels, bleached whites, dark, jewel like swathes, the sugary kiss of pastel. Everything to tempt the palate, just like a good meal. So it’s a little bit of a departure for me to be talking about grey, the in-between drab of the colour world: Cinderella confined to the kitchen, before she was given her glass slippers.

Grey is A Thing.DV

No more. Fashion’s Fairy Godmother has touched us all with a hankering for the shade. Ghostly, pearly, charcoal, almost black: every tone is represented this season, and beyond. I even read the best approach might be to paint oneself and one’s whole living quarters in grey. A little extreme? No, actually. Grey is A Thing.

But how on earth can you wear it and still look darling? As you can see, the lovely Benita here can wear any workhouse hue and still look peachy. So for those not gifted with great genes, the secret has to be in the cut.

With a fit this snug and a posture this ramrod straight, you too can pull off the preternaturally perfect, Mulholland Drive look. (I tend to see film and game characters everywhere I look, doesn’t everybody?… Just me then..)

Get fitted.

Get fitted. Not clingy or too tight, but, you know, tight. There’s spmething softening and flattering about grey. It matches all skin tones, given the right shade of grey. Choose the pearlised, almost cream end of the scope if you don’t want to look like a spectre. Experiment with subtle patterns like marl, degrade, houndstooth, discreet checks; as long as the overall effect is grey. These black panels inset at strategic places give an overall slimming effect too. (But you don’t need to slim, sweet cheeks, do you!;)

There’s plenty to choose from in every high street, mall and online store, now. Grey is everywhere.grey-dress-picture - How tO Wear A Grey Dress

Fit, the right sort of grey and something else: accessories. You can try yours with blonde curls and long, coltish limbs, if you have them, or simply add some metal and shine. There’s a place for grunge, but if you want to look this good, out of the box, you need some shiny help.

Look polished and smart.

The trick is to look polished and smart, rather than make like a character from Divergent. Take care of deportment and shine appeal and answer this one question. Grey or Gray?

Benita, super equestrian athlete from Virgina, would say Gray, but as I shot her in the British countryside, where she was undertaking her Olympic training, I though Grey was more fitting. Grey, Gray.. what’s in a name?

How about you, Grey Girl?!

 Some Little Grey Dresses:


The Little Grey Dresses:

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Editorial Photographs: Dear Velvet | Model: Benita