Into The Dark With Emma Ware

Snare your own Vampyr.

I just had to share these photos from Emma Ware’s new collection, “Oscuro”. Dark seductive and decadent, they shake up the notion of all things ecological being a little fusty. Wear these pieces, reclaimed from tyres and gnarly chains for a  party celebrating the Holiday of your choice.

Don a single long leather glove, (black, of course) a bustier and a black chiffon scarf for a Masked Ball, and your dance card will be filled in a trice. Of course, you will be too busy wafting through the ballroom in a mysterious cloud of scent to actually Dance with them…
On the Full Moon, show off your elegant throat and a sliver of décolleté, framed by dark strands of these earrings, and snare your own Vampyr. Or simply allow a single shoulder and graceful arm to showcase a delicate, multi-chained hand, holding a shiny black apple.

Emma Ware Bracelets - Into The Dark With Emma Ware

But Beware… Don’t take a bite, unless you want to be lost in that magical world. In fairytales, those who eat the tempting morsels they are offered, may never escape. Don’t eat that apple, or your stay in the Otherworld could last forever…

Allow these fan-shaped earrings, so reminiscent of a Raven’s wing to lead the eye to your delicate collarbone.. And then STOP. Leave them wanting more…

Emma Ware Earrings _ Into The Dark With Emma Ware

PS: Catch Emma Ware’s New Collection for Triumph Lingerie at unique pop-space, Maison Triumph, in London this December (Maison Triumph 57-59 Monmouth St, Seven Dials London WC2H, UK). Lucky Londoners!

* Photographs © Copyright:  Emma Ware
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