Is This Coat Too Big? – Flynow Goes Large

Is This Coat Too Big? Looking at some of the wild wool creations this season, you might have to have a word with both your waist and your closet space.

However, if you are still pondering coat shapes to plunder for the last moments of winter, or grappling with snow, sales, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, why not feast your eyes on these fulsome fabric sculptures from Flynow’s seminal Bangkok Designer and flamboyant end-of show dancer, Chamnam Pakdeesuk.Red Capelet - Flynow - Is This Coat Too Big?Monochrome Coat - Flynow: Follow That Coat!Some of the outer layers showed restraint and respect for the (I’m sure) lithe physiques you’ve been building up at the gym over the winter; others simply looked larger than a layer cake. The choice is up to you. I know I loved them, and as I’m writing from the treadmill right now, I’ve no qualms in the size department. (Ahem).Monochrome Poncho - Flynow: Follow That Coat!

Pakdeesuk’s Flynow show at BIFW, Siam Paragon, was breathless. In a lightning fast display of form, color and futurism, the literally seared his style onto my retina, as the neon lit paraphernalia nearly beamed me up from my precarious mouse-hole in the press pit, cross-legged on the floor in my ball gown, wedged between the fabulous Varaporn Noothong, my new photography contributor, and the NASA telescope-sized lens of a BIFW veteran.

 Now that’s what I call glamour!

Red Brocade - Flynow: Follow That Coat!Monochrome Coat - Flynow: Follow That Coat!A hypnotic haze of monochrome plaids, red brocades and fabulous silhouettes, vertiginous, gold-plated heels (Want!) and head-banded beehives.

I even saw a real Princess.

Flynow Finale - Flynow: Follow That Coat!In the finale, designer Chamnam Pakdisuk zipped onto the runway, boogied himself to a standstill, much to the delight of the Bangkok sophisticate audience, and had a huge, raw silk wrapped bouquet thrust into his hands, followed by a host of kitten-faced balloons and other cute gifts.Flynow Designer Chamnam Pakdisuk - Flynow: Follow That Coat!Flynow Designer, Chamnam Pakdeesuk

Frankly, I’m not surprised; the show was a blast of fresh air, sort of like an 18th Century Russian promenade in space with post-modern heels and hairdos. I loved it. The faux-crinoline detail on the coats? I so want to bustle on the metro with one at rush hour; that should make some room.Red Brocade Coat - Flynow: Follow That Coat!

Sexy siren skirts to come next: I’ll give you a moment to make space for these in your closet.


Green Capelet - Flynow: Follow That Coat!

FIND: Flynow

106 & 107, 991 Rama 1 Rd, Siam Paragon Shopping Center, Pathum Wan, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
+66 2 610 9410

Photography  © Dear Velvet


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