It’s (Still) Parka Time

The February furies don’t care how many times you’ve practised your Negative Space Ponytail or how many pairs of knee socks you bought to wear with your Spring duds: blizzards, snow, slush, sleet and relentless rain. It’s still Parka time. Call it climate change, cyclical weather patterns or whatever, resistance is futile. But you didn’t really think it was time for S/S15 yet, did you?

I’m surrounded by snow today, marooned in a white desert, sipping coffee from a thermos as I stab away at the keys with be-mittened fingers. The cold makes me literally cry and the tears turn to ice. There’s only the shrieking wind for company, although yesterday a moose did stick his head over my shoulder. He must have been trying to read his horoscope, because he kept nudging my hand with his horns and saying, “Meeee..” I think he’s probably an Aries.

Apart from that, silence…

Hush Parka Field - Parka Time

My parka is my utility-colored security blanket…

My parka is my utility-colored security blanket, and I hunker down inside it most of the day, hoping summer never arrives. Who needs a holiday in the tropics when you can surround yourself in faux fur and canvas, learn to whittle your own knitting needles and make sweaters out of unravelled thrift store finds… Brrr.. Sorry, I’m awake now. Yes, Winter Has Come, but Spring’s around the corner. Just stay warm while you’re waiting. That’s all I’m saying.

It’s (Still) Parka Time

Hush Parka Side - Parka Time

Hush Parka Back - Parka Time




Parka: Hush | Hat: Hush | Sweater: Hush | Boots: Vintage Clarks

Photography By Dear Velvet