Just Looking, Thank You

How many times have you mumbled those words as you rummage through the rails in your local mall? We use that little mantra every day. Today I’m saying it in earnest, as I take my camera and my curiosity from the streets and the stores of Los Angeles to the shows, this time in Europe. Yes, it’s Stockholm Fashion Week, my first ever, and I’m beyond excited!

To visit this beautiful city with its great architecture, Old City, super-fashionable people and see the shows as well? Pinch me.. or on second thoughts, don’t. I need this dream.

Dear Velvet, reporting back on the other side. DV

There’s something about having a camera slug round your neck, or in your purse that makes it so much easier to travel. When you know you can record things for posterity, or even just for an Insta-moment, then you’re never alone. Where does this compulsion to record everything come from, I wonder? Even in a store, I feel as though my eyes are burning into the clothes I like, recording them on  my retina somehow. If I stare at something hard enough, I’ll always recall it, it’ll be mine forever. (And sometimes I do!)

When I’m lucky, the gracious ladies and gentlemen of The Store allow me to snag a quick picture or even do a full shoot. They’re cool like that. This time, though, I don’t have to shyly take out my lens and ask: the shows are there to be seen and felt. Beautiful!

Dear Velvet, reporting back on the other side. Over and Out.


Photography by Dear Velvet

Store: Wild Style, Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles