L.A. Easy

Sliding into the LA spirit, with its sense of space and freedom, real or imagined, for me, the biggest pleasure is visual. The constant parade of imagery from movies and television reminds one that the whole world has grown up with the city in its sights. There are huge, iconic vintage cars, billboards larger than the average sports field and people dressed with typical easy nonchalance, making board shorts and surfing gear, roller blades on the promenade look right on point. Everywhere you look, there are hordes of tan, coltish-limbed women who can instantly California-Girl any outfit. They make it effortless and sort of LA easy. How do they do that? Something in the green drink?

LA is full of beauties who can instantly California-Girl any outfit. How do they do that? So not fair.DV

One of the thrills of the city is that so many creative people either live here, or are just passing through. So when I finally met up with Dear Velvet contributors, photographer and stylist duo Oliver Hero Dressen and Luca Buzas  (in Chateau Marmont, since you ask), there were huge smiles all round. We chatted about art and photography from every angle, until it was time to peel off in different directions: The desert for myself and the beach for them. Venice Beach.
To top it all, they set up a session with cool LA Girl, model Brianna Olenslager. All doe-eyed, with honeyed  tresses, she epitomises the modern spirit of LA: sweet white dresses toughened up with denim, and hoodie and jeans made candy-striped feminine, in front of one of LA’s abundant graffiti backdrops. So Venice Beach, so LA easy.

Is it something in the green drink?DV

The whole world has grown up with the city in its sights.DV


Photographer : Olivier Hero Dressen
Styling & MUA : Luca Buzas
Art Direction, Retouch & Production : Studio Supreme www.studiosupreme.be
Model: Brianna Olenslager
Location : Los Angeles / Venice Beach

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