LFW X Guatemala

At LFW, the Guatemala Style crew beguiled with cocktails at Coya, beautiful designers and even hotter designs.

As the heat of Fashion Week season cools off a little, there’s time to unpack,  the frenzied scribblings, constant camera fire and stylish sightings of the past few weeks. Dazzled, exhausted and bereft of superlatives we may be, but Fashion, like life, must go on. I’ve been resting my fingers in their own bath of rose petals, ready to resume diary duty.

If the media were to be believed, you’d never suspect there are creative minds, teeming with ideas in every corner of the world outside the four Fashion Cities (London, NY, Paris, Milan), but happily, there are.  From Stockholm to London and now Guatemala: what a crazy month of style it’s been. Time to get our thoughts and our closets in order.

What did we learn? How can we wear it and when? We’ve had severity, edge, wit, luxury and now the rich culture of Guatemala to round it off.

Yes, I really do want to visit Guatemala now…DV

To Coya for the evening, a jewel of a private members club, in Mayfair, to see LFW X Guatemala for myself. There was music, chandeliers and distressed gilded walls, there were canapés (divine) and cocktails, an atmosphere humming with glitterati and such colour combinations that Londoners can only envy in this chilly climate.

Yes, I really do want to visit Guatemala now, I’m pining for the smiles and convivial atmosphere. Meanwhile, I’ll take my artisanal textiles and beaded creations where I can find them and check out the work of these designers, one of whom, Isabella Springmuhl, was only nineteen…

We’ll meet them all later: my notebook is crammed with emails… For now, here’s how it all went down…

Translucent beaded clothing from Meüs. Intricate and sensual.

Beautiful, cerebral tailoring from New York-based designer, David Valencià. Smart, sublime precision.

Gorgeous Dhurries, a collaboration between Cipriano Martínez and Christine Van Der Hurd. Graphic and enthralling.

Designs by Isabella “Belita” Springmuhl. Colourful and enchanting.

Bags from SCALO 502, (hanging from walls and chandeliers) combining leather and traditional embroidery with fine details in modern styles. Covetable.

Jewellery by Ho Piezas Unicas (including the red neckpiece below). Exotic, colourful and guaranteed to turn heads, wherever you go.

Designers, Fashionistas, Models and Diplomats.. Oh my.

Raquel Vallladares Urruela of SCALO 502 made the opening presentation.

Guatemala Came to LFW and conquered…We still have a little spicy afterglow even now…


LFW Location: Coya Restaurant, Mayfair, London

Photography by Rob Homewood & Dear Velvet

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