Little White Dress

Peggy Hartanto’s Little White Dress stormed across the runway and jumped on my must-have list. Why? First off, it has a peplum. 

 It also has see-through panels suspending a banded hem and gracefully curving to show a tasteful stretch of thigh.. so tasteful, in fact that it can do triple duty on the promo tour for your new thing (movie/ book/ band/ artshow/ celeb-fest/ whatever), meeting the parents of your significant other, and still make a splash at a work do. Especially if work is at the law firm of Suits, where women are not allowed in the building in an outfit costing less than $2000.

It’s that good. Peggy Hartanto Dress

There’s also the shoulders.. Oh those cutaway shoulders! The shoulders are such a thing of beauty, and if you don’t have to cover them (work, culture, etc.) hold them proud and stand up straight. (Even in the photographer’s mosh pit at BIFW, I finally stopped slouching when I saw this apparition.)Side View Peggy Hartanto Dress - Little White DressBack View Peggy Hartanto Dress - Little White Dress

Besides all those commendables, it has that Audrey Hepburn gamine quality, and needs no jewellery, so you can leave a little on the credit card to pay your airfare to Cannes. Or wherever. If you aren’t being taken on a private jet, that is. And you should, hummingbird, you should. 

Just a thought

Wear it bare with a sleek pony like the impeccably beautiful model here, in Hartanto’s Unseen Collection at the Harper’s Bazaar New Young Designer Awards in Bangkok.

Make them roll out the red carpet.

You should, hummingbird, you should.



Photography by Dear Velvet

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