Looking at this picture of my (male) friend’s wrist this morning, I muttered a new word under my breath: Mandrogynous. I excitedly turned to the net for confirmation of my discovery and was stunned to find it was already coined and well-defined in 2008. (Urban Dictionary 2008) That’s almost half this century ago.


It seems to be interpreted as men who look, um ladylike in some way, but don’t discard their masculinity in the process. There’s also a reference to Prince and the ability to (still) attract women.

Let’s just pause while I delicately lay aside the notion that wearing female items would challenge one’s masculinity a whit. Hello, man-buns, skirts, kilts and even Rick Owens’ cutaway clothing (may have put this one in the wrong box)…

Long live your trend of choice, styled in your gender of choice.DV

Simply put, it’s a gentleman’s longing to wear some of the softer, prettier or even pinker things in life. And why not? Anyone with a lust for Mr Darcy, 17th Century dandies, 18th century dandies (OK, all the dandies), and, Prince, will just roll their eyes.

Nothing new under the sun. Men have been amplifying their charms with feminine accoutrements probably since any one started wearing any accoutrements at all. Whether that makes them masculine, feminine or anything in between cannot be measured by science.

There’s a boho thing going on this summer, as always, and no doubt we’ll be piling on the arm candy by the yard. Bangle stacks are one of those trends like skinny jeans, we no sooner solemnly hear them pronounced dead than we layer them on again. Long live your trend of choice, styled in your gender of choice.

Mystery Dude’s OOTD:

Bangles, lots of ’em, Male, Female & No Idea: Similar here and here and here

 Women’s? Men’s? Take a wild guess.


Main Photograph by Dear Velvet

Model: Mystery Dude – A Mandrogynous Friend.