As I Walked One Midsummer Morning

Enjoy these Midsummer Mornings.

Even though Midsummer has just passed, the mornings are still fresh and filled with anticipation for me. The earth seems to hold its breath, waiting for the high summer sunshine to blaze in August and combust, leaving way to Fall’s sweet melancholy. This is the moment to pluck the fruit, as it begins to ripen, catch it before it falls.Walking Back - Midsummer MorningMidsummer FieldMidsummer Musing - Midsummer MorningDandelion Clock - Midsummer Morning

The early morning haze, the pre summer’s day coolness will give you time to pause, to think, to unwind from the week. Meditate.DV

The romance of summer is now upon us, with long flowing dresses and garlands for our hair. Walk now, through country fields and festivals alike, wearing your sensitivity with pride, even if only for a solitary sunday pre-breakfast ramble, or in lieu of the saturday shopping crush.

Chill. Smell the flowers, blow the dandelion clock and let the dove and the cuckoo lull your questions into silence.

Midsummer Sun - Midsummer MorningDandelion - Midsummer MorningWreath - Midsummer Morning

Treat yourself: dress up in garlands and summer slips, like this gorgeous dress by Hush UK.

Walk out one Midsummer Morning, before the slow roll of August’s drum sounds the approach of Fall.

Summer Flowers - Midsummer Morning

Hush UK, Mango Caramel Leather Jacket, H&M Cream Scarf, H&M Sunglasses, Dear Velvet Necklace

Photography By Dear Velvet